Leaders set the Tone…

Leaders set the Tone… The leaders and their leadership styles set the tone of organizational culture. Whether a person is leading a project or organization, they must keep in mind that the people follow what they see and not necessarily what they hear… The most fundamental argument around leadership is whether leadership is inherent to … Continued

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Managing your Project Sponsors…

You may recall previously I posted an article titled “Why many IT projects fail?”  In this article, I mentioned one of the reasons for project failures is lack of engagement from project sponsors.  In this week’s article I am going to dive deeper into why project sponsor engagement is so important. Project sponsors may not know … Continued

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Every Manager Must Study ‘Sociology’

Many times we see people get promoted due to their extensive experience in certain area of business. They also seem to be best qualified for these promotions. As soon as they are given the people management responsibilities, they fail… Often, people are promoted based on their tactical knowledge and performance. When they become a manager, … Continued

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Effective Process or Efficiency Killer?

Do you have many layers of approvals required prior to making decisions? Does the team have to ask for permission from managers before executing? Do they take too long in filling in a simple report? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, than what you call effective process is actually efficiency killer. … Continued

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Why Do Many IT Projects Fail?

Many organizations have experienced projects that failed to deliver on time, on budget, or the scope that was initially intended.  Statistics show that more than 40% of IT projects fail to meet one of the three dimensions above.  One of the key factors organization leaders have to recognize that every strategic initiatives they start must … Continued

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You can never over communicate…

I am sure at times you have heard in meetings where one person is complaining about lack of communication and the other is confident that they communicated the same thing several times… Communication can be very complicated.  Everyone has their own parameters on how they measure communication and understand what is being said.  In several … Continued

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