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Boost your Efficiency; Grow with Qualified Project Management Services

Project Management is one of Ameya Infocom’s core services!

Ameya Infocom’s Project Management consulting services have an excellent track record of delivering the clients with brilliant solutions that are both effective and cost-effective. Not only do our certified Project Management Consultants possess the experience to roll-up their sleeves to steer your projects for successful completion, but also have the skills to mentor your personnel via the processes of adopting a more strategic and structured approach.

We have devised a world-class suite of integrated Project Management Services delivered by our team of experts to provide businesses with the confidence that their projects will reap benefits and expedite accomplishment of their corporate goals.

Our Project Management Experts have the Experience to deliver a strategic course of action that manages quality, time, risk and cost; the Zeal to drive value at every phase; the Leadership to maintain full control; and Transparency across all the processes.

Project Management Problems You Face

  • Finding the best solutions for your asset needs to meet constantly changing business demands
  • Securing funding and fulfilling funders’ needs
  • Minimizing the effect of new developments and challenges on the existing projects
  • Employing the best of skills from the best organizations to meet your project needs and design your asset
  • Undertaking focused, consistent and right management
  • Delivering performance and building stakeholders’ confidence
  • Delivering work projects within given budget and time, as well as maintaining pre-requiste quality standards
  • Ensuring statutory and internal approvals are secured

We are Your Problem Solvers

Our certified consultants offer the following services:

  • Project Development management
  • Project Management Training
  • Independent consultancy
  • Project Audits
  • Contract Administration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Independent Certification
  • In-house team Strengthening

Ameya Infocom Difference!

From Project Commencement to Completion, We Do Not Merely Just Get the Given Job Done, But We Innovate, Perform and Lead

Benefits You Get

  • Expert guidance and powerful leadership to you and your project team
  • Successful delivery, Assured
  • Teamwork, so that optimum solutions are delivered
  • Protection of your business interest from project initiation to completion
  • Ensure your corporate goals are achieved