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Keeping Your Database Tuned and Humming

Throughout an organization, databases are the core of every sort of information system, continually collecting and providing important information that supports business collaboration, decision making, intelligence and customer service. BUT, today’s enterprises face myriad challenges – including constant change inherent in intricate, usually heterogeneous environments (from platform and application changes to accelerated user activity, and an additional pressure to produce tangible value from the database investments).

By offering the depth and breadth of Database Management expertise, Ameya Infocom has been empowering its customers to meet these challenges and pressures, effectively….Period!

We are one of the most trusted database management services providers in the world.

Ameya Infocom’s team of Database Administrators (DBAs) is expert in Microsoft SQL, My SQL, DB2, Oracle and Sybase database technologies. We utilize Lean Six Sigma and various other IT optimization techniques to churn out top-notch database administration services.

Database Management Services (DBMS) You can Hire for Us

We offer an extensive menu of Database Management services focused on database availability and performance for critical business applications.

Database Configuration and Design

Tablespace design and space allocation; Capacity planning; Configuration and installation; OFA-compliant Oracle configurations

Database Maintenance

Maintenance upgrades & migrations; Database security audits; Patch application

Database Tuning

In-depth analysis and tuning of all database performance facets: Database settings, storage, OS, queries and middleware

Database Recovery & Backup

Disaster recovery and Backup strategy design, verification, implementation; real-time multi-site simulation

Incident Management and Database Monitoring

Resource utilization, job completion, 24*7 incident response, error logs, monitoring of growth and space

Ameya Infocom’s Difference!

Critical Database Performance Issues are Identified and Addressed Quickly and Effectively

Efficient Database Management = Greater Acumen + Higher Productivity + Better Performance

Our database management services are provided by certified database managers with experience and expertise in managing enterprise-scale databases. We deliver proactive, brilliant day-to-day database management services for our hosting customers as well as on-demand database tuning services to organization globally.

Benefits You Get:

  • Free your database managers for creative development by unburdening the routine tasks
  • Manage cost by purchasing just the database management services you need
  • Speed up implementation of advanced database by utilizing the expertise of our seasoned professionals with proven track record of implementing a wide array of solutions
  • Supplement internal resources to prevent ‘single point of failure
  • Swiftly resolve database performance problems by calling our pros